Yogasana: Warm-ups and Namaskar sequence

This class focuses on warm-ups and the Namaskar sequence which promotes rapid flexibility and fluidity to the spine and limbs especially when linked to breath.

Keep it safe: please have blankets, pillow for any knee injuries, blocks and something to cover your eyes with. 

Surya Namaskar is a fantastic all-round warm up for your entire body; preparing your muscles, joints and nervous system for a full asana practice. Integrating Surya Namaskar into your day will build physical strength and help still your mind.

20 minutes a day is better than 1.5 hrs a week! This is yoga krama. This is bit-by-bit progress. This is what it’s all about, amigos and amigas!

One thought on “Yogasana: Warm-ups and Namaskar sequence

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