#BeBodyKind: the day the world smiled back

I will be covering this in more depth, but just a quick post to kick start mental health awareness week in the UK.

The campaign centres on #BeBodyKind and essentially asks you to share moments or places where you felt comfortable in your skin.

Which brings me to today’s story. One of kindness.

I’ve just been to the GP for something I’ve been battling with for months – thinking it was an allergy to the nightshade, to nuts (or some nuts), dairy – the usual suspects.

After reading a VICE article on the weekend, and after my appointment this morning it all, the reason my face is on fire (see below!) is because I have a skin condition peri-oral dermatitis.

Loads of helpful info available here.

So, today was the first day I’ve walked out my door without foundation on for a decade- plus. I suffer extreme social anxiety and my freckles were the focus on some pretty brutal remarks when I was in school. I hardened up quickly, on the outside I seemed confident (or I thought I did) but my skin’s condition prevailed in its ability to stir up self hatred.

I’ve had psoriasis since I was a teenager (it became much worse over the last eight years though.) In 2017 I stated in a tiny village with my gran in Germany, and I returned with – for the first time – zero (ZERO) sign of any scalp condition. I have no idea what happened to bring about this magical respite and am still wondering if it had anything to do with my Germany rendezvous.

The cream I’ve been used has – we think – contributed to a more recent development: hair breaking in the area where the psoriasis is worst.

So, I’m about to try a new treatment called cutaneous foam. Will let you guys know how it goes – please let me know if you have experienced similar conditions of the scalp or skin, and what worked for you?

The point of this post is that while my #BeBodyKind moments included in my Tweet (pictured left), of the ocean and family, are indeed genuine – I also wanted to share the pic of my skin on fire as a celebration of what happened today. Yes I wore sunnies and let my hair fall loosely over my face. Doesn’t matter! Because today – for the first time in years – I shuffled awkwardly alongside one of my biggest and most long-standing fears: being in public without foundation.

This might seem ridiculous or narcissistic- and I’m not disagreeing. But my insecurity is real. And today I won the battle.

It’s all a work in progress, this journey of recovery.

Today, I chose to be kind to my skin: I smiled a fiery grin.

Today, the world smiled back with a wink.

Today, kindness won yet again.


Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 13-19 May 2019 on the topic of body image – how we feel and think about our bodies.

Find out more here: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/campaigns/mental-health-awareness-week/get-involved

One thought on “#BeBodyKind: the day the world smiled back

  1. Simon Watkins

    Am so proud of you, Sarah. I know that this has been extremely difficult for you. Your courage make me love you even more ❤


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