Project #Roomforwords

Here’s the first page of the project #Roomforwords. The idea was born a few years back when I was still living in South Africa (Cape Town at the time.)

Roomforwords: The Lowdown
It is a book-in-the-making, essentially. From the inner-city of Cape Town to the streets of London, I will be travelling by foot and writing in crayon, paint, ink, and chalk.

Each week I’ll visit the various dialogues to record their evolution. In a year’s time, I will bring you twelve dialogues, capturing the weekly exchange. Hope you like the idea. #roomforwords

There will be no tangible reference to me documenting this online. I will be uploading the images and the pages online, and at the end will create a short doccie of the process and a digital mag capturing the process and the dialogues as they unfold and take a life of their own.

The project will be documented (film and photography) as I am interested to learn how a piece of writing/an image (even if initially created for oneself) becomes an open dialogue when placed in an inclusive public space amid the presence of unknown passers-by.

Interaction is what I’m interested in, whether people write over the message or respond to it — it doesn’t matter. Cultivating a broader conversation around self-exploration, perception, and collective vs. personal truths, is on the table for exploration.

Page 02 is where things begin. London, I’m keen to hear your thoughts. Keep posted.

PAGE 01 (image above)

Wed. 22/01/2014. 3pm (ish)

Who the fuck am I today?

1 A Mermaid

2 A Tomatoe 
        –> still not sure if it has an ‘e’

3 A girl with less than R10

4 Someone else who is full of dreams.

5 one of the few who is making them happen.

6 29 years old.

7 A witness to an act of kindness.

8 A daytime voyeur

9 Pretty alone

10 A Princess making plans.

11 A daughter standing her ground

12 A girl falling in love, again.

13 Hungry.

14 Probably the same as I was yesterday

15 Without a job.

16 Trying to find a job.

17 Confused by human contradictions.

18 Very grateful that I am here.

19 Who the fuck really knows.

20. A writer, writing her first page of her first book.

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