Iris Warriors: The Birth of Colour

I attended a rare behind-the-scenes preview of the film Iris Warriors while it was being filmed on location the Salt River Film Studios in Cape Town, South Africa on 31 May, 2016. Published in Inflight magazine, my article presents a first-hand experience of being on set, also exploring the role of colour and the ubiquitous message in this film-book-ballet.

FYIs and Facts
Genres: Film; Entertainment; Publishing
Date: 2016
Magazine: Inflight magazine (TCB Media)
Text: Sarah-Claire Picton
images © Julia Janse van Vuuren Photography; supplied

Article Introduction:
As many were chasing month-end deadlines, I was chasing the clock to find Salt River Film Studios. While doing so I found myself gazing at the bright urban aesthetic characteristic to Salt River; a drive-by scene of industrial vignettes, merging to resemble the beautiful spectral colours you see in an oil spill on the road after a rainy day. An hour later, inside the studio, I smiled, re-acting on my “rainbow route”, realising that it provided the ideal introduction to what the journey of the Iris Warriors is all about. A film, a ballet, a book – yes. However, overall, the story of Iris Warriors is about the birth of colour. But to start at the beginning…

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