Short video with NB message! LESS JUDGEMENT, PLEASE

Amigos, amigas! Hello! Touching base with all of you beauties across the world to say let’s all work a little bit harder to challenge preconceived ideas, long-standing ideologies perpetuated until they become truths, and the slippery slope of [potentially unfounded] judgement, toward ourselves and others. This little video looks at Svadhyaya (self-study), focusing on judgement.

We all judge, every day. It’s how we know not to cross a road during traffic, as a rudimentary example. But in the video below I’m talking (not for long!) of judgement based on sketchy biases, the type which might hurt someone else and might have been given to us at some point (maybe that point is now).

Let us work, together, to lessen the hurtful judgement and move FAR, FAR away from the toxicity and hatred permeating in society, please! There is so much to learn and so much to forgive – let us focus on nurturing kindness and compassion, courage and inner wisdom, strength and resilience; and move toward a space of LOVE, not fear.

Keep fighting the good fight, all you warriors of light out there!

Source: Paulo Coelho – The Manual of the Warrior of Light

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